Joister's gaming portal hosts servers that ensure online gaming is furiously fast and seamlessly smooth.
Committed to unrivaled quality, support and prices, Joister Gaming is always looking for new ways to improve. We aim to provide gamers the tools and content to improve their game play experience through state-of-the-art network and technical team.
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Why Joister Gaming?

  • Performance

    We provide an unmatched level of performance by hosting our services on the best server hardware in the industry.

  • Hardware

    We use super-fast Hard Drives in all our host machines ensuring both speed and redundancy.

  • Network

    Combined with a Network and Power 100% uptime SLA, Joister Gaming is unparalleled in uptime and performance.

  • Support

    From general server maintenance to advanced troubleshooting and installations - we've got your back 24/7/365!